South Auckland Muslim Association.

Eid Mubarak

Auckland's Salat Times For Today 18th June Are:


As salamu 'alaikum

Peace Be Upon You

Welcome to the South Auckland Muslim Association (SAMA). As New Zealand Muslims our aim is to contribute positively, to both our local community and New Zealand as a whole, by empowering New Zealand Muslims to engage as an inclusive multicultural community while enhancing the understanding of Islam and promoting social harmony through respect for all thus enabling us to augment the economic, cultural and intellectual well-being of New Zealand.

We hope to encourage South Auckland Muslims to aspire to their full potential, both as Muslims and New Zealanders, by fostering leadership, through the provision of support systems within our community for the disadvantaged, assisting families, empowering women and inspiring youth.

We also work to ensure that the interests of New Zealand Muslims are articulated and maintained at a national level.

We have an active Facebook page and have uploaded a number of clips to YouTube.

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South Auckland Muslim Association

P O Box 22 807
Auckland 1640
New Zealand
phone 09 - 276 6725

Al-Mustafa Jamia Masjid
26 Mangere Rd
Auckland 1640


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